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In response to long standing requests from customers, Marion Ceramics has developed its Tumbled Bricktile and Tumbled Vee Brick product lines. All tumbled products are 15/16" thick which is the optimum thickness to allow for tooling grout joints and thick enough to minimize losses during tumbling. Marion is unique with its tumbled products because we are the only manufacturer offering tumbled thin pavers and tumbled thin veneer brick. This combination of product lines has very strong appeal in both brick and tile industries.

          Marion's tumbled products are tumbled after firing. These tumbled product lines are extensions of our square edge Bricktile and Vee Brick products which we will continue to offer. We are tumbling these square edge products to achieve a rich rounded look of used brick which can not be duplicated in traditional face brick and paver production.


Thin veneer face brick. Use this product line anytime you need a thin face brick whether that be for a traditional hand set job for any thin brick panel system including form liners precast or tilt up jobs.

Hard fired clay coping is the ultimate edging for any swimming pool or spa. Remember when you look at a pool all you see is water and coping, it defines the pool.

Thin brick pavers. Choose this product line whne you want the classic brick shape (3 5/8 X 7 5/8) without the roughness or thickness of ordinary brick pavers or the sterile look and slipperiness or smooth (quarry) tile.


Marion's tumbled products are environmentally friendly in several ways. First, all of our clay bodies are approximately 20% recycled materials. We fire with natural gas - the cleanest fuel available. More significantly however is the greatly reduced carbon footprint which is achieved with our thin products. As an illustration, full bed depth face brick weigh approximately 27 pounds per square foot compared to our Tumbled VeeBrick which weighs less than 8 pounds per square foot. This calculates to be 70% reduction in fuel requirements for firing and transporting these products.

          Thin veneer products also contribute to the architectural movement to thinner walls which reduces resource utilization in a general way. Thin walls also are important factor in designing earthquake tolerant buildings.

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