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Tumbled BrickTile
Our Tumbled BrickTile are made using 3 5/8 x 7 5/8 x 15/16 standard brick tile. Note: All dimensions are slightly scant after tumbling and the texture is slightly smoother. We offer our five basic body colors in both flashed and unflashed colors. Also, we make white on one side black on the other in each of our five body colors. This optimizes design opportunities for developing custom blends. Our Tumbled Bricktile are strapped in trays for ease of handling. Water resistant top sheets are placed on each pallet prior to being stretch wrapped. Every effort is made to maintain inventory in all Tumbled BrickTile products.

 Importantly, architects, designers and owners should keep in mind that Tumbled BrickTile works well for driveways with proper bonding to a rigid base (slab). The design possibilities are unprecedented and offer a wonderful alternative to imperfect flexible base installations.

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