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Marion Vee Brick
Our Tumbled Vee Brick are made using standard 2 1/4 x 7 5/8 x 15/16 Vee Brick. Note: All dimensions are slightly scant after tumbling and the texture is slightly smoother. Tumbled face brick are made from standard face brick produced as part of our Vee Brick product line. We saw tumbled face brick to produce 90 tumbled corners. This process enables us to perfectly blend thin brick, corners and face brick. We offer our five basic body colors in both flashed and unflashed colors. In addition, we coat Tumbled Vee Brick in each of our basic body colors with white on one side black on the other to be totally flexible in blending. We also offer corners and face brick with white and black random coatings. As with our square edge Vee Brick, our Tumbled Vee Brick are strapped in trays and set on pallets. Water resistant top sheets are then placed on top of each pallet and then automatically stretched wrapped. Inventories have been established in all colors and will be maintained as market conditions allow.

 Also, as noted Marion offers Tumbled BrickTile which is the closure size for vertical veneer brick applications. Matching closure size tumbled corners and face brick are available by special order.

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